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Modeling Tips

How to win a Pageant:

  • Always prepare very well, research the pageant and look at previous winners. If it's a pageant where you need to do a charity project go all out and make sure you stand out

  • Prepare well for the interview. Practice good voice projection ensure that you have a confident introduction that includes intelligent information about yourself: "Good evening Ladies & Gentleman, I am the 25 year old Katryn Barwise from the beautiful Limpopo Province, I am the managing director of Limpopo Beauty Modeling Academy and enjoy hosting big events. In my free time I enjoy baking, scrapbooking and diy projects. I am a very creative and spontaneous person. My motto is "Believe what you can become and become what you believe, but most of all reach for the stars!" Always thank the judge for the question before answering. If you didn't hear the question properly, kindly ask " Please repeat the question" if you didn't understand the question, ask "Please Rephrase the question"

  • Always keep good eye contact with the audience and judges, practice good balance and posture! Don't let your arms cross over your body, they should be swinging straight forward, both arms the same. Your shoulders shouldn't be moving when walking.Pause in front for 5sec and scan the audience without moving your head too quickly, this will just make you look confused! Steady eye contact is important, don't look down or up when you feel nervous. Don't fidget, keep your hands relaxed, fingers open.

  • Avoid slipping on stage by spraying some hairspray underneath your shoes. Put vaseline on your teeth to help you smile without having your mouth feeling too dry. Use body tape to keep your swimsuit or dress in place. We will teach you many tips and tricks in class.

  • Practice a good pageant style walk include entrance/exit, a one and a half ramp is usually required. Do the 3/4turn if it's a T-ramp, other turns suggested for Pageants is the step-turn-swing, 3point turn, 4point turn, half-turn-twist, full turn, step-turn and loop-turns. We will teach you all the turns in class.

  • Don't walk catwalk at a pageant, Catwalk is for fashion shows, when you advertize clothing only! If you bounce on stage and shake shoulders and show too much attitude it will count against you at a beauty pageant.You will come accross as arrogant instead of the humble, classy, sophisticated lady which one would want to win a beauty pageant. 

  • Don't walk too fast it will make you look shy, as if you are getting ready to just run of stage and get it over with. Take your time and connect with the judges.

  • Know the difference between dress codes: Casual/Smart casual/Semi Formal and formal wear

    • Casual wear is jeans, leggings anything very casual, don't wear tshirts with slogans its a big no-no for casual wear, always aim to still look very girly and mature​

    • Smart Casual wear is no jeans/leggings. A casual summer dress is seen as smart casual or a nice white pant/skirt with a stylish top. Smart casual is no bling or glittery fabrics. Many pageants have smart casual as the dress code for the interview round. If you wear this for interview ensure that you look official and intelligent avoid big neckpieces or jewellery for the interview as less is more for pageants! The focus should still be on you!

    • Semi-formal is high low dresses or a cocktail dress (Fancy short dress) Long evening dresses is not semi-formal.Cocktail dresses will have embelishments or diamonds and made of fabrics like chifon. 

    • Formal wear is long evening dresses or gowns, some high low dresses that is fancy is classified as formal. There are pageants that allow jnr models to do wear short formal dresses, as it's more popular in shops than long dresses for jnr models.

    • Choose your outfit colour wisely, make sure it will make you look classy and fit in with your hair/skin colour! Pastel colours are very popular at the moment, it also helps you to look very classy and feminine. Black is not suggested for pageants it's also not age appropriate for young girls​​

Smart casual dress

Cocktail dress/ semi-formal